Data Scientist with Engineering Focus

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Data Scientist with Engineering Focus

Job description

Since the young and dynamic team of Owlin is growing: we’re searching for a Data Scientist. If you have a passion for Machine Learning, Coding, Natural Language Processing and building the foundations of the next market leader in its sector, this is the opportunity for you. Within Owlin, you will work closely with the management team, top developers, and sales as well as clients of Owlin.

About Owlin

Owlin is growing and it is going fast. In the maturity life cycle Owlin is no start-up anymore but scaled up to a global player with more than half of its revenues coming from the USA. Everyone within the team realizes that the beginning has just been made and that Owlin is not even near to its full potential yet. This also applies for all its team members. As the company grows so do the responsibilities the skills and the wages of every individual team member. One of the values of the company is helping every team member reach their full potential which in the end will help Owlin reach its full potential too.


If you join the team of Owlin you are certain of an exciting job, serious responsibilities, impact on the business, endless (International) opportunities and a career focussed on scaling-up. The team of Owlin is expected to double in size every year and so will the responsibilities of early entered engineers.



The core of your role will be to deeply understand our clients’ business problems and come up with and build models that answer those needs. Typical topics revolve around the full spectrum of Natural Language Processing, anomaly detection and recommendation systems. At Owlin we particularly value models that can be introspected and easily adapted on the spot by data analysts. You are expected to look pro-active at what is already in place and pitch ideas for improvement. You understand that if you want to shine you first need to polish so you have an attitude of getting things done.


Sometimes you will also be working on projects close together with clients (often big corporates or financial institutions). Here you are expected to be confident and pro-active enough to satisfy their requirements whilst keeping aligned with the vision of Owlin.



Expected Skills

  • Python
  • Problem solving & scientific / analytical thinking
  • Experience with libraries such as SciPy, NLTK, Gensim, spaCy
  • Experience in NLP, machine learning, AI in general
  • Proper knowledge of the English language, Dutch is a plus.

Bonus Features


  • Intuitive understanding of business problems
  • Strong mathematical & statistical background

Soft Skills

You are not the type of person that needs - or will ask for instructions. You have an entrepreneurial mindset instead and will come up with ideas for improvement. You will make sure your ideas are understood, validated and implemented in practice too. You can handle uncertainties and an uncertain future but most of all: you realise that you are part of the making.


You are comfortable working across borders and dealing with international clients from different backgrounds and different levels in the organisation.


If deadlines approach and pressure increases, you are at your best. Although working 40 hours a week is generally always enough, you don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality but rather a get-the-job-done approach. Oh, you should have a passion for technology, be slightly nerdy and love the display and real-time processing of extreme datasets.


We offer a wide array of benefits and perks to help our employee’s work-to-rule just the right balance between work time and personal time. We’re all about increasing productivity by maximizing joy.


  • Great place to work: Beautiful 230m2 office in the centre of Amsterdam, roof terrace with the best view of the city
  • Highly motivated, engaged international team of developers eager to bring Owlin to the next level
  • International Client base: with the United States as the biggest growth market.
  • Part of a team that has built a start up to the level of a scale up, eager for the next steps.
  • Impact: you will play an important role in shaping the future of the company (thus also your own salary)
  • Good pay: salary depends on your experience
    • Extra’s:
      • Travel Expenses paid by Owlin
      • Free lunch
      • Free Friday afternoon drinks
  • Part of a special culture in the centre of where it all happens