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Owlin is an ambitious technology company that is developing cutting-edge, real-time data analysis. Since our founding in 2012 we have situated ourselves at the forefront of machine learning and artificial-intelligence-based innovations in the financial sector. Our international team is comprised of driven data scientists, engineers, designers and some good old fashioned business hustlers. Instead of writing code on an island somewhere we have decided to instead work on revolutionizing big data and AI solutions for clients such as ING, Deloitte, and KPMG and their end users.


Our team

The people behind our company

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Sjoerd Leemhuis
Managing Director
& co-founder
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Willem Westra PhD
Data Scientist
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Bart van Halder
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Bob Koster
Sales Director
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Wessel Stoker
Software Engineer
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Els Beernink
Account Manager
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Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen
Software Engineer
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Alina Di
Project Manager
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Francesco Puglierin
Data Scientist
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Márcia Tavares
UX/UI Designer
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Jeffrey Reims
Software Engineer
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Anne Kooijman
Quality Assurance Manager
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Wouter Sterk
Commercial Manager
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Doortje Kuiper
Lead Data Analyst
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Berjan Waanders
Account Manager
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Aaron Brown
Software Engineer
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Alma Rottem
Lead Data Analyst
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Melissa Wijngaarden
Lead Data Analyst
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Chris Abbott
Data Analyst
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Floris Hermsen
Data Scientist
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Sebastiaan Keller
Commercial Manager
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Chileshe Lukwesa
Software Engineer
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Adam Pruša
Data Analyst
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Filip Novotný
Data Analyst
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Andi van Capelle-Ling
Data Analyst
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Jeroen den Boef
Data Analyst
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Mahmoud El Badry
Marketing Communications Specialist
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Ieva Surdokaite
Data Analyst
Thumb avatar 1552991742
Lisanne Stolte
Data Analyst
Thumb avatar 1552992158
Saskia Woortman
Data Analyst
Thumb avatar 1554281430
Nina ten Pas
Data Analyst
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Arjen de Blecourt
Strategic Account Manager

Careers at Owlin

Current openings

Data Team Lead
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sales Executive
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data analyst - part-time
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


achievements by Owlin

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Hackathon winner
for Dropbox API
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On Language Models
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In 2014
Thumb avatar 1462376140
Second place
Pioneers Challenge '14
Thumb avatar 1462376139
Second place
In 2013
Thumb avatar 1462376140
Hack Battle 2014